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Coastal Fashion: Discover Our Collection of Stylish Beach Cover-Ups

As the summer approaches more and more and you are thinking about your summer holiday destinations, maybe an anxiety attack hits you over what is going to be your beach outfit…

You may have the perfect swimsuit but nothing to wear over it when it’s time to grab a snack or a seaside cocktail from the beach bar.

Don’t worry about it, we have the perfect solution. Our collection of stylish beach cover-ups will cover you up!

Why Choose a Beach Cover-Up?

From breezy kaftans to tunics that make you feel like a Grecian goddess at the beach, our collection is inspired by the best.

Our Latest Pieces in Beach Cover-Ups - The Trends are Covered!

First of all, you need to understand that beach cover-ups are the Swiss Army knives of beachwear. Why?

Because, they are versatile, essential, and, honestly, a fashion statement. Gone are the days of wrapping yourself in a hotel towel. Though, we support all beachy improvisations!

A cute cover-up can take you from a sandy stroll to a beachside café faster than you can say “Another round of margaritas, please!”

Our Reese blu Cotton Pintuck Beach Cover-up is the perfect example of a simple yet very fashion-forward piece. There is no doubt why it’s one of our all-time bestselling silhouettes.

This tunic is made from our signature blu Cotton, a blend of 85% recycled cotton, and 15% virgin cotton, and is part of our blu Collection of sustainable clothing and products benefiting Ocean Conservancy .

This is your ticket to becoming the envy of the seashore, with a floral print that resonates with the oceanic adventures!

Another great proposal is our Gemma blu Cotton Pintuck Beach Cover-Up in pink color . You can see that is a slightly different variation from the previous piece, but now in vibrant and light pink color.

What makes it special is that it’s our signature easy-fit and easy-wear shape. With its flirty pintuck details and a print that could rival the blooms of an exotic paradise, this cover-up is a testament to sustainable chic.

This is also made from our signature blu Cotton, a blend of 85% recycled cotton and 15% virgin cotton. We feel proud of it because by repurposing this fabric, we reduce waste and water usage, creating a product that is both sustainable and beautiful!

A final proposal from our side for an astonishing beach cover-up is our Breezy White Eyelet Cover-Up Shirt . What did we do in this one?

We took our best-selling beach cover-up, the beach shirt, and added the extra flair of eyelet fabric for an elevated look that perfectly pairs with any swimsuit!

An elegant piece that is made with 100% quality cotton and has an eyelet front, collar, and sleeves, making it just great from the morning until night at the beach!

Choosing the Right Cover-Up for Your Style

Choosing the perfect beach cover-up is like choosing your ice cream flavor. It’s all about what makes your fashion sense sing.

Consider a flower-designed cover-up if you are all about that boho-chic vibe or a sleek, minimalist slip for those who live by the "less is more" mantra.

Remember, the right fabric can mean the difference over unintentionally entering a wet T-shirt contest.

Styling Tips and Tricks

Think wide-brimmed hats for a mysterious aura or unique necklaces for a touch of glam.

And for those cooler evenings when the beach feels more like a breezy American West coastline, layering is the key. A lightweight scarf can transform your look and keep the chill at bay.

And the best? It’s Eco-Friendly!

We believe in cover-ups that not only turn heads but also turn the tide towards sustainable fashion.

So, when you choose one of our pieces, you are doing good, too.

We are all about cover-ups that make you look good and feel good about your choices. Our pieces are crafted with love, care, and a commitment to sustainable practices. 

How Can you Maintain it?

Like any other apparel, your beach cover-up deserves tender loving care!

A gentle wash and a shady spot to dry will ensure your cover-up is ready for your next beach adventure.

So, are you ready to elevate your beach wardrobe and make a splash with your style? Scroll in our collection and find your next top summer style.

Visit us and let your beach style shine!

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