Gold Cocktail Party Decor

Glimmering Gold Décor for the Ultimate Cocktail Party

When you want to make a big, bold, celebratory statement at your cocktail party, gold party décor can get a bad rap for being tacky or over the top. We’ll help you bring out the elegance and glamour of a gold theme for your special occasion. The secret? It's our beautiful, art-based designs that will surround your guests in a warm, golden glow.

Set Off Sparks with Gold Sunbursts

The star of the season is our Gold Sunbursts party collection, with a soft, creamy background that complements the tasteful glimmer of the gold print. Reminiscent of dandelion puffs and fireworks, Gold Sunbursts is the perfect backdrop for making new wishes and celebrating the new year. Arrange a dazzling table with coordinating placemats, cocktail napkins, and coasters. Sprinkle in some string lights, mini gold crowns, and confetti. Your bottles of bubbles and champagne glasses will match perfectly.

Use Gold Gift Bags in Your Tablescape

Our gold Itsy Bitsy canvas tote bags make wonderful bags for party favors and also look amazing on the table as part of your gold décor! They add height to your table decorations for tons of visual interest.

If you’re decorating for New Year’s Eve, you can fill each gift bag with noisemakers, sunglasses, a party hat, a tiny bottle of champagne, chocolate, or maybe even a disposable camera for some old-school selfies and surprise reveals. Cotton canvas bags with beautiful gold prints out-style a paper bag any day, and mixing up your prints can give your party a more compelling and diverse aesthetic. PLUS, your guests will be able to keep using them for years to come.

Guests Can Go for the Gold, Too

If you’re going to be a guest at a cocktail party, our gold canvas wine gift bags will dress up any bottle instantly. Go ahead and be the one who out-shines the other party-goers!

Cheers to you from all of us at rockflowerpaper! If you have fun party decor tips when using golds and metallics, we'd love to hear from you. Do you have favorite tablescape arrangements?