7 Easy Ways to Wear a Plaid Wrap

7 Easy Ways to Wear a Plaid Wrap

Now that we’re neck-deep in scarf season (our favorite season!), it’s time to bundle up against the chill. While designing our Fall 18 collection, we focused on keeping you extra warm and cozy. Enter: our plaid wraps which are a closet must-have for colder weather.

Our plaid wraps are lush, oversized scarves that come in four classic colorways – camel, dark green, black, and navy blue – and in 100% acrylic for close-to-the-skin softness and easy care. If you feel like you’ve been missing out on the blanket scarf craze, it’s never too late to try it out! The best thing about a big, oversized scarf is how versatile is. You have a lot of fabric to work with, and you can style it in endless ways.

We’ll show you 7 quick and easy styles to show off your plaid wrap this fall and winter.


Simply wrap around your neck as with any smaller scarf for fast warmth and a stylish statement.

You can also loosen the loop around your neck and fluff for volume.



Start with the Classic Scarf style, and then continue to wrap the free ends of the scarf around your neck and tuck in the ends. Super cozy!


Open up the wrap, drape it around your shoulders with both ends in front of you, and you’re done!

This is a super easy way add interest to your wardrobe basics with a large swath of print.



Experiment with wearing a belt over your Easy Shawl for an updated and slightly fitted look.

Make sure to spread out the parts of the wrap that are under the belt so there is less bunching and a smoother look.


Just like the Easy Shawl but with a loose tie in the front, for security and a slightly different look.

This is also a great style for showing off your favorite necklace since your neckline remains open.


Open up the wrap, drape it around your shoulders with both ends in front of you and one end slightly longer. Toss the longer side over the opposite shoulder. Make sure the wrap stays unfolded in front of you for maximum warmth!



Don’t forget that our plaid wrap makes an amazing travel buddy, whether you’re styling it in the above 6 ways while you're sight-seeing or simply cuddling under it on the plane or in the car. Don’t leave home (or your hotel) without it!


If you enjoy other fun ways to wear your oversized scarves, tag #rockflowerpaper or #iamrockflowerpaper on social media so that we can check them out and share your stylish ideas.