Why Serving Trays with Handles are Just Better

Why Serving Trays with Handles are Just Better

Serving trays help transport multiple things at once without an acrobatic feat trying to balance everything you need to move. It can be a disaster to drop everything and have things spread all about. It's not just the mess you need to worry about. That glass of wine from the bottle you've been holding on to just for this special occasion will be gone before anyone ever gets the chance to enjoy that first sip. Cleaning up the mess can interrupt the agenda, stain your outfit, or at least be an awkward and embarrassing moment. Having to redo what was done and worst-case scenario, throw something away because it was ruined or broken is not very entertaining for you! While it makes for good sitcom laughs, when it happens on TV, when it happens to you it’s not so funny.  

What is the best Material for a tray?

If you are planning on carrying heavy items or a lot of things, a lightweight tray with handles that is beautiful and functional will probably be a good choice. While thick-cut wood can be a favorite of some because if it’s more natural appearance it can be quite heavy. With the added weight of your items, it can become way difficult to carry. Of course, solid wood serving trays may be beautiful and timeless but they may not hold up as well as you think to spills and staining. The lacquered tray trend helps take care of that with styles galore and often a glossy finish that just shows up classy.

Melamine, metal and other plastic material trays can have some nice benefits, like lightweight, easy to wash, and less likely to stain. Some have claimed that plastic and melamine trays tend fade faster, especially with heavy washing or wiping. Metal trays are durable but if not carefully kept they can rust and even transfer rust stains onto other surfaces.

Size, shape, and other things that matter when picking a serving tray

In a world that teaches us that size and shape doesn't matter, we're here to bust that myth – when it comes to serving trays, of course! A round tray is elegant and timeless and often used in the food service industry because it can be easier to balance from below. Great if you have that skill in your pocket, but if you don’t that is where handles come in. Try a round tray with handles with a to match your round-table setup, square trays to add an edge, or one that perfectly matches the season – winter, spring, summer, and fall. Our serving trays are the perfect solution for every style and occasion. Of course, we recommend grabbing a few. 

Square and rectangle trays with handles are good for transporting food from the kitchen to the dining room, or even better serving your significant other a little breakfast in bed. They tend to be a little larger than most round trays and therefore can transport more things.

Decor applications for serving trays

When some people think of trays, they imagine lunchroom plastic orange or brown eye sores that you carried to the table with your luke-warm tater tots and carton of chocolate milk. Not anymore. Our trays serve a variety of functions and can be used as wall art, accent pieces, or to hold other items enhancing your decorating options. Hang some in your kitchen to add style, or easy storage to save some room. Maybe even think about switching them out quarterly to add some flare to your seasonal decorations. One of the great benefits our trays versus others is that our handles are hidden into the sides. In fact, they are barely noticeable and when they are, it appears to be part of the design. That's what makes our trays perfect for wall art and gifting.

Handles make it better, safer, and cleaner

Unless you are very coordinated, balanced, and never have any awkward moments, using a tray with handles is much safer. Imagine making a big breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, coffee, and juice and dropping it or spilling it before it even makes it to the loved one you are trying to bless and or impress. Yikes!!  Not only would you lament the wasted food and time to prepare it, but then you get to spend time cleaning up before making more. I think most people would agree that handled trays are just the best for preventing spills and ease of use.  

By now, you've probably noticed that we love our handles – but we love offering choices, too! If you don't love handles, want a variety of options, or just prefer a non-handle design, we've got you covered. Our 10x20 serving trays do not have handles but are just as beautiful and functional as the rest.