Tunic Tops: Unraveling the History of Classic Style & Elegance

Tunic Tops: Unraveling the History of Classic Style & Elegance

History of the Tunic

Tunic tops originated sometime in the 14th century according to midievilbritain.com and served a multitude of purposes, from undergarments to protective outerwear. The Romans were even jealous of the more elaborate embroidery and styles of tunics the Celts wore. They were not exclusively worn by men or women, but men did wear them more, especially under armor. Gone are the days where a man might need to protect his skin from chainmail pinches, ouch.

Nowadays, cosplayers and historical LARPers who like the medieval fantasy dress up activities have them as a go-to in their costume collections. Over the years tunics have shifted from a man’s preferred top to become a style staple for women.

How do I wear a tunic?

With more people working from home comfort has taken precedence over appearance. That often means sweats, leggings or jeans and a t-shirt. So, now you have a surprise on-camera meeting! What to do? A classic tunic lets you instantly go from couch chic to dressed to impress.

If your tunic is long and you want to shorten it some, wear a big belt to pull it up or you can even pull it up over the belt to create a blowsier feel. SheFinds has this cute style guide on how to style, pick, and wear your tunic based on your body type. They are such a versatile item that really can look great on anyone.

Are Tunic tops flattering? 

Leggings can be quite revealing which might discourage those with problem spots from wearing them. However, they are super comfortable, so pairing them with length of a tunic can help hide some of those trouble areas that might keep you from wearing leggings. Matching them with denim takes comfort and adds a little class to a casual style. The happier you are with a look that flatters and suits you, the more confident you become. When you feel confident you just look better!

Are tunic tops still in style?

Absolutely, with so many designs and fabrics available, you can always find a print that or color that is all current rage. Leather look pants and leggings are currently a hot item according to Cosmo. A satin tunic can dress those up or a cotton farm shirt can make the look more casual.  

They are also seasonally versatile! You can layer them in the winter to stay nice and toasty or roll up the sleeves in the summer to stay cool. Many styles come in ¾ sleeves that meet those fall needs of warm but not too hot. They don’t always come with buttons, but some do, and they are reminiscent of the classic oversized “boyfriend” shirt, just size up and there you go.  Some who are braver in their style choices have even been known to wear a tunic as a dress!

Tunics are versatile, classic, comfortable, and fun fashion!  Whatever patterns or sleeve style you choose to go with, a tunic is for sure a staple item that you should have several of in your wardrobe.