5 Easy Ways to Wear a Kimono Wrap

5 Easy Ways to Wear a Kimono Wrap

Our best-selling kimono wraps are elegant, effortless, and make a bold fashion statement. A little bit bohemian and extremely stylish, they're flattering on all body shapes and create a leaner, longer silhouette. If you've ever wondered how to wear a kimono wrap and incorporate one into your wardrobe, we'll show you how!

You can wear a kimono wrap in so many different ways, during all seasons, day and night. It will be one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in your closet and give you the glamorous allure you've been looking for.

First, take a look at the short video above to get a glimpse of our kimonos in motion. If you want to see all of our available kimono prints and styles, they are all right here: kimono wraps.


1. Wear a Kimono Wrap Like a Shawl

Throwing a kimono wrap over your shoulders like a shawl is the easiest way to add instant wow-factor to your outfit. Our kimono is a large rectangle with a convenient slit halfway down the center for your head and neck. It will stay on your shoulders and have beautiful movement.

Since our kimono wraps are meant to flow and billow, it's best to style them over more fitted clothing, like a sweater and leggings, t-shirt and jeans, or a bodycon dress. If you prefer a more defined shape, try wearing a belt over your kimono.

2. Wear a Kimono Wrap Like a Poncho

You can give your kimono wrap a poncho style simply by wearing it like a shawl first and then throwing one end of the kimono wrap across the opposite shoulder.

You can also rotate the kimono wrap around your body to switch up the look of the folds and angles. 

3. Wear a Kimono Wrap Like a Scarf

To wear your kimono wrap like a scarf, just fold your kimono in half on the long edge to make a rectangle, fold one more time to make an even skinnier rectangle, and wrap it around your neck as you would a regular scarf. It's really that easy!

You can also bring the corners of the wrap together to form a triangular shape and wrap that around your neck and shoulders. Pull, twist, and/or tuck the ends for various looks and volumes. Bundled up in this way, our kimono wrap will definitely keep you warm!

4. Wear a Kimono Wrap Like a Bathing Suit Coverup

This is the same idea as Style #1 but shows our kimono wrap's versatility through the seasons and throughout different locations. Look super chic by the pool or on the beach and protect your shoulders from the sun!

5. Wear a Kimono Wrap Like a Skirt or Sarong

Another way you can wear your kimono wrap at the beach or the pool is around your waist like a skirt or a sarong. All you need to do is use the center slit of the kimono to wrap around your waist and then tie the ends to secure. This is the best way to quickly, easily, and stylishly walk around town after the beach to grab a snack without feeling too exposed. 

Just one kimono wrap in your closet can become so many different outfits throughout the year.  From casual to formal, day to night, spring to fall - experiment and have fun!

If you're petite and wondering how to style our kimono wrap, here are some tips from our friend Brooke at Pumps and Push Ups.

Let us know if you have other styling suggestions for kimono wraps that you'd like to share. Which of our other scarves or tunics would you like us to help you style?

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