World Ocean Day 2023

World Ocean Day 2023

World Ocean Day is an important annual event that celebrates and raises awareness of the world’s oceans. This year marks the eighth edition of this global celebration, which falls on June 8th. At rockflowerpaper, we whole heartedly recognize and celebrate World Ocean Day and are committed to protecting and preserving our planet's oceans for generations to come.

So how do we strive to be good stewards of the sea every day? Read on to learn more about why World Ocean Day matters so much—and how you can join us in protecting our planet’s precious marine ecosystems!

 Did you know…

  • Plastics are the most common element found in the ocean today.
  • Each year 18 billion pounds of trash wind up in the ocean. That's enough to cover every foot of coastline around the world with five full trash bags of plastic.
  • By year 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish (by weight).
  • One truckload of plastic enters the ocean every minute.
  • There's enough plastic in the ocean to circle the earth 400 times.

 How you can help…

On World Ocean Day—and every day—we encourage everyone to join us in taking action and doing their part to protect our oceans! Simple steps can go a long way, such as…

  • Opting for sustainably caught seafood.
  • Picking up trash – at the beach and beyond!
  • Becoming a responsible traveler and doing your part to reduce your environmental impact while traveling.
  • Donating to organizations committed to protecting the oceans, like Ocean Conservancy.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to help protect the ocean is by reducing plastic waste. Single-use plastics, such as straws, bags, and bottles, are a major source of pollution in our oceans. By saying no to single-use plastics and choosing reusable options instead, we can make a major difference, and this is where we come in! We created our eco friendly blu Collection to reduce people's dependency on single-used plastics in many aspects of their every-day life. Some of our products are even made from recycled plastic bottles!

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Plus, each time an item from our blu Collection is purchased, we make a donation to Ocean Conservancy. Ocean Conservancy is a nonprofit that has been a pillar of this movement. We've proudly donated $200,000 and counting to their mission.

Learn More About Our Partnership with Ocean Conservancy

On World Ocean Day—and every day—we encourage everyone to join us in taking action and doing their part to protect our oceans!