Travel in Style with our Newest Travel Accessories

Travel in Style with our Newest Travel Accessories

Enjoy your time planning your next trip, as we present to you our proposals that target cutting-edge people who always want to have the best travel accessories with them. 

Check out our accessories in this article, which are designed to enhance your travel experience while also adding a touch of special personal style. These accessories combine fashion with functionality!

1. Discover our Zip Pouches

Tilly Blue Green Pouch Large

These pouches are versatile for organizing small-sized documents, gadget cables, makeup, and jewelry, making essentials easily accessible.

View our big collection of pouches!

All products are made from the same lightweight and strong material as the bestselling blu bags, and they are designed to match the travel cubes for a cohesive and organized travel set.

2. Chic Bags and Totes for Everyone!

This range includes stylish totes and shopping bags, perfect for carrying your essentials while traveling. Each piece is designed to elevate your style, making them not just functional but also fashionable additions to your travel stuff.

Geo Starfish Carryall


  • Carryall Totes: Ideal for travelers who need versatility. These bags fit a lot  and can easily switch from a beach tote to a shopping tote or a carry-it all wonder tote for any travel adventure!
  • Water-Resistant Travel Sacks: Perfect for seaside or poolside adventures, these totes are designed to keep your belongings dry and sand-free.
  • Compact Travel Pouches: Great for organizing smaller items like cosmetics, electronics, or travel documents, making them easy to find in your luggage.

3. Blu Collection - Our Eco-Friendly Products

Inspired by the love for the ocean, the Blu Collection features eco-friendly essentials that are both stylish and sustainable. For every item sold from this collection, a donation is made to Ocean Conservancy, supporting efforts to protect marine environments.

Poppies Pink blu Bag Reusable Shopping Bag-Machine washable


  • Reusable Shopping Bags: Lightweight and foldable, these bags are perfect for carrying souvenirs or groceries while traveling.

4. Unique and Sustainable Jewelry

The jewelry collection at rockflowerpaper offers unique and sustainable pieces that are handcrafted with care. These items are not only beautiful but also sustainably made, adding a touch of elegance to your travel outfits without any compromises.


  • Handcrafted Earrings: Earrings not only add a unique touch to your travel wardrobe but also support sustainable fashion. Check out our collection of handcrafted earrings and choose the ones that reflect your style.
  • Handmade Necklaces: These pieces often feature natural materials and are made by artisans, offering a unique and ethical way to accessorize while traveling.

5. Sea Turtle Travel Cube Set

Sea Turtle Travel Cubes

A set of three travel cubes designed for wrinkle-free packing, perfect for organizing socks, underwear, and rolled-up clothing.

Unlike standard packing cubes, these are designed with an eye for both aesthetics and durability, featuring high-quality polyester that's lightweight yet resilient. 

Additionally, the set's versatility is enhanced by offering three different sizes, catering to various packing needs while maintaining easy care with machine washability. This combination of design, practicality, and eco-friendly ethos makes this cube set special.

You can easily view the product here!

Now is the time to add a little style to your travels and let your stuff tell stories of your adventures. 

Try not to allow your travel accessories to be only an instance of necessities. Make them helpful and worth it!