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5 Easy Tips to Successfully Transition Your Winter Clothing to Spring

We are already caught in an in-between season for fashion.

We are already in Spring and always wondering about the weather, “Is it hot? Is it cold? What do I wear?!” If you’re in Austin, TX, it’s 75 degrees one day and 35 degrees the next…

Are you already shopping for spring clothes? Are you putting on snow boots? Is "pre-spring" part of your fashion vocabulary? It’s all a bit confusing.

Great fashion is season-less, and we will help you make the most of your closet with 5 easy tips for transitioning your winter wardrobe to spring!

1. Master the Art of Layering - Scarves Are Your Best Friends!

Spring's unpredictable weather calls for versatile layering.

Start with lightweight basics and add or remove layers as needed. Incorporate a mix of textures and materials for a rich, adaptable look. Think cotton tees under cashmere cardigans, topped with a trench coat.

Throw them all on when it’s cold in the morning and peel some off when the heater is on at the office.

Scarves are the easiest and most convenient pieces to hold onto for seasonal transitions, and you can still wear some of your fall/winter favorites through the spring with a quick change of your tops.

If your go-to scarves feature darker & lighter shades, simply adjust the color of your top or dress to emphasize lighter hues for spring.

For example, our Katarina featherweight tassel scarf works well for both fall and spring looks with a slight adjustment to what you wear it with.

  • For fall & winter: Layer with a creamy cashmere sweater and a cozy tan cardigan to bring out the more neutral and subdued tones of the scarf.

  • For spring & summer: Throw over a white tank top or dress to bring out the brighter and sunnier tones of the scarf for a look that is beautiful both day and night. Optionally, you can bring out even more yellow in your outfit with fun earrings or a cheerful clutch.

2. Hang Onto Your Tops & Switch Out the Bottoms

Introduce spring vibes with vibrant accessories.

Swap out dark, heavy winter scarves and hats for lighter, brighter counterparts. Floral scarves, pastel beanies, and colorful belts can instantly spring-ify your outfit.

A good idea is to give your tunics a quick, warm-weather makeover by switching from dark pants & dark boots to white pants & lighter-toned ankle booties or even sandals. You’ll be surprised by how many of them can look good styled both ways!

Take a few moments tonight to try out new combinations from your closet and see what works best.

3. Keep it All Under Wraps

Lighter-weight fall wraps can transition with you, so don’t pack them away just yet.

The same kimono wrap that you layered over a cozy sweater can now go over your sun dress , or your beach cover-up .

Even if a light wrap contains a bit of wool, that wool is breathable and can keep you cool in the summer with its moisture-wicking properties.

As an extra tip, keep in mind, that there are colors you can easily wear all year by styling them in different ways with various layers, shoes, and jewelry.

Don’t chuck your neutrals!

Black and white, grey and beige, and even desaturated lavenders and corals can carry you through the seasons.

Check out our Scout Navy blu Cotton Cover-Up . We design in navy a lot for fall/winter, but it's also a color that you can think of as neutral, much like your favorite denim jeans, and can keep around all year. Pair with crisp white components and think nautical inspiration and summery coastal vibes!

Our incredible Fifer Button Down Tunic is in blue and green color works for this time of the year, too. We suggest greens that have a warm, yellow tone in them, especially if there’s also a pretty floral motif like our Tilly blu Cotton Tunic .

Ask yourself, what is my most-loved and most-worn item from my closet? Based on your answers, you will get to make some changes!

4. Transition with Footwear

Ease into spring with your footwear choices.

It's time to store away heavy boots and bring out loafers, ballet flats, and lighter sneakers. Opt for footwear in suede or canvas to maintain a seasonal balance.

5. Refresh Outerwear

Switch your heavy winter coat for lighter options.

A denim jacket, a soft trench, or a colorful blazer can offer warmth without the bulk, perfect for crisp spring mornings and cool evenings.

Extra Tip: Mix & Match with Prints and Patterns!

Incorporate spring's signature prints and patterns into your wardrobe.

Floral dresses, striped tunics, and polka-dot blouses can be layered under winter wear and then take center stage as the weather warms.

A great proposal is our flower-designed pattern Bohemian Block Print Party Dress . This effortless silhouette in 100% Cupro is perfectly weighted for a comfortable body-skimming drape.

Subtle lace inserts in the red, blue, and ochre block print create a richly sophisticated look that's easily dressed up or down for just about any occasion.

Have a great and stylish transition into Spring!

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