Remember Your Travel Essentials!

Remember Your Travel Essentials!

What are the basic travel essentials?

People really love to get out and go places, some like to do weekend getaways, others go camping, and even more get on a plane to really get away for new experiences. Even the most spontaneous travelers usually have some sort of plan in mind when they are prepping to go. They ask themselves, do I want to go somewhere warm or cold, to the mountains, the beaches or somewhere with a lot of recreational activities? With a destination in mind then most people turn to planning what how to get there and what they should bring with them. This will all vary based on the amount of time before they go, the destination and the duration of the trip. Some things are staples that you will always want to have with you, and some will be based on budget and personal preferences.

What should you not forget when traveling?

Brushing your teeth for two minutes at least twice a day is still the recommended best practice by the ADA. Still, 15 % of travelers, say that this is in the top five of the most forgotten items when packing for travel. Cell phone charger, sunscreen and a razor where the three items that ranked higher as the most forgotten items on vacation and sunglasses ranked just 1% lower than a toothbrush. That means that 3 of the top 5 forgotten items are toiletries. Having a toiletry bag can help you not forget those essentials, whether you keep one on the ready or pack it fresh each time.

Never forget your favorite beach towel. For travel, it should be compact, quick drying, absorbent, easy to fold, and sustainable. Rockflowerpaper beach towels are best-sellers this year, for all those reasons, not to mention their stylish reversible designs. 

What should I pack in my carry on?

Other basic items can vary based on grooming preference, make-up, deodorant, lotion, perfume/cologne, shampoo & conditioner, etc. Be sure when flying to follow the latest TSA guidelines on what types of items can be carried with you or must be in a checked bag. Liquids must be kept to certain amounts and in a quart size bag, but you can keep other like items in these cute pouches to make them easier to find in a hurry.  Now you have your toiletries packed and ready to go, what is next?

 Having a travel checklist!!

Winging it when taking off for adventure can get costly really quicky, a few dollars here and there for the essentials can add up faster than you might expect. So even if you like to be spontaneous and take off at the last minute, a checklist is a great tool to have. Rick Steves is a famous travel guru with several shows on travel and exciting destinations, he shares his downloadable packing list guide here, or check out this more modern mobile formatted checklist offered by smarter travel.

Most of these types of lists include clothing that is appropriate for the climate you are headed for. So if you are going to a warm beach or poolside don’t forget a cover-up and beach bag to carry your towel in. For colder destinations make sure to bring these trendy styles to keep you warm like these oh so adorable scarves & sweaters.

What to take for Covid Travel?

Even if you are sticking close to home with domestic travel or braving an international flight there are things you don’t want to forget. Your passport is surely required for leaving the country and don’t forget your vaccination card. Some travelers from east Asian countries chose to wear masks when traveling or in crowded places, even before this pandemic, based on this story by Time magazine. Mask may still be required or strongly suggested in many places, even for those who have chosen vaccination. Keeping track of your mask when you may have to take it on and off repeatedly can be a little easier with these clever mask lanyards.