Plastic Free July – Tips for Starting a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Plastic Free July – Tips for Starting a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Plastic Free July is the perfect time to join the movement toward a more sustainable lifestyle. Founded in 2011 in Australia by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, Plastic Free July is a highly influential campaign, with a mission of seeing a world that is free of plastic waste. How can you join? It’s easy!


First, if you’d like to make sure your efforts are recorded by Plastic Free July, you can fill out this form on their site.


Next, don’t try to overhaul your entire life all at once. You’re probably less likely to succeed in making long-lasting changes. Start small and slowly add to your zero-waste list so that new changes have a chance to become real habits.

When you use items from our eco-friendly blu collection, you’re not only keeping single-use plastic out of our oceans, but we also donate 20 cents from each blu product to Ocean Conservancy, with over $75,000 donated to date. Ocean Conservancy finds the best in science-based solutions to tackle the biggest threats to our ocean, so your purchase makes a real impact!

1. Try washable, biodegradable dish cloths.

We’re so excited to launch our washable and biodegradable blu cloths this season! Imagine how many paper towels and kitchen sponges you go through per year. It takes 51,000 trees and 60 million gallons of water PER DAY to supply Americans with paper towels, not to mention all the plastic packaging around them.


The average household spends about $200 per year on paper towels. Our blu cloths are less than $5 each and can last you over 3 months (we’ve been testing them at the office!). They are made of a special blend of cellulose and cotton, 100% biodegradable, washable in the top rack of your dish washer or in the washing machine, and more absorbent than paper towels. Plus, we make sure they look colorful and cute!

2. Use foldable reusable shopping bags.

Many states here in the U.S. as well as other countries around the world are banning plastic shopping bags. While this may seem inconvenient in the beginning, you’ll quickly feel really good about supplying your own reusable shopping bag, like our blu bags.


Blu bags are one of our bestselling items. Once you buy one, you just can’t stop collecting them. They weigh just 1 oz. and can hold up to 50lbs. They come with a matching zipper pouch for storage, or you can just roll them up and secure them with the attached elastic band. The included carabiner allows you to clip your blu bag to your keychain or somewhere inside your purse so you’re never shopping without one! If you can think of any other ways to make blu bags more convenient, just let us know – but we’re pretty sure we’ve got you covered.

3. Invest in reusable water bottles.

Our blu bottles keep your drinks hot/cold for up to 12 hours, and they’re the perfect size for keeping in your purse or bag to keep you hydrated all day. Be a part of the solution to the 50 billion water bottles that Americans use per year. Most of these end up in landfills and our oceans, as a very small percentage of this plastic is ever recycled. You can stop the problem at its source and take your stylish blu bottle everywhere!



We hope these 3 steps help you start your plastic-free journey. Feel free to share your own tips with our readers in the comments! If you post on social media, use the hashtag #plasticfreejuly.