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6 Chic Decor and Essential Accessories for Outdoor Living

What are your plans for this year’s outdoor decorations? Τime for renewal!

Whether you are planning a relaxed barbecue or a cocktail evening under the stars, these accessories will make your outdoor space feel special.

Turn your backyard into a stylish place with these products from us, rockflowerpaper.

1. Crab Art Placemats

Description: These, set of 4 with size 12 inches x 16 inches placemats, feature a bright red crab, perfect for adding a touch of coastal tranquility to your outdoor dining experience.

Benefits: Heat-resistant up to 225 degrees and cork-backed, they are both practical and pretty. Note that they come with a rockflowerpaper gift box!

Suggested Use: Ideal for serving drinks and snacks on your patio, and for outdoor dinners, picnics, or themed parties.

2. Crab Square Art Coasters - Essential for Any Patio Setup

Description: Discover these scratch-resistant and cork-backed crab art coasters. They are great for entertaining and for a wonderful gift. Bring a coastal vibe to your outdoor gatherings!

Features: As already mentioned their special feature is that they are scratch-resistant and cork-backed. 4 inch each, and wipe clean. Plus they can handle heat up to 225 degrees.

Benefits: Perfect for protecting your furniture while adding a bit of seaside charm to your backyard.

Suggested Use: Use them at cocktail parties, casual get-togethers, or just to vibe your daily drinks.

3. Cape Cod Inspired Square Lacquer Serving Tray

Description: One of our most popular trays ever, since it has a stunning antique map of many of our favorite spots. This Cape Cod tray, beautifully presented with a high-gloss lacquer finish, fitting seamlessly into your outdoor living space.

Features: It has concealed slot handles and hand painted stripe in the sides, made from high-quality MDF, while it is resistant to moisture and alcohol.

Benefits: The fact that It’s not just a tray, but a conversation starter. Plus, the tray's high gloss lacquer surface makes it easy to clean!

Suggested Use: Perfect for serving drinks and snacks, and as a centerpiece for your outdoor table.

4. Joy 15 Inch Round Tray - A Fantastic Addition

Description: This tray, featuring the word "Joy" inside a festive wreath, is decorative and functional.

Features: 15 inch by 1.5 inch each, concealed slot handles on the sides, and with poly ceramic material. A great thing about it, is that it is moisture and alcohol-resistant with a glossy lacquer finish.

Benefits: It adds a festive touch and its glossy lacquer finish makes it so easy to clean.

Suggested Use: Great for holiday gatherings or as a cheerful decorative piece. Don’t miss this chance to make it yours in a great price!

5. Cocktail Napkins - Discover a Big Variety of Them

Description: Available in various designs and colors, these napkins are the unsung heroes of any great party.

Benefits: One of their great characteristics is that they are environmentally friendly and FSC certified. They elevate the aesthetic of your gatherings while being eco-friendly.

Suggested Use: Perfect for cocktail parties, casual meals, or any other themed events.

6. Beach Towels

Description: All of our beach towels are compact, functional, and quick drying. These vibrant towels are made from soft, absorbent fabric and come in various prints. Find out your favorite one quickly and easily.

Benefits: Multifunctional for both the beach and outdoor lounging.

Suggested Use: Ideal for beach outings, poolside relaxation, and picnics.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these products eco-friendly?


Most of our products, including cocktail napkins and placemats, are made with eco-friendly materials.

We donate to the Ocean Conservancy for every eco-friendly item sold, supporting outdoor living initiatives.

2. How do I clean and maintain these outdoor accessories?

Most items, like the serving trays and coasters, can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, making them ideal for outdoor use. The placemats and napkins make excellent accessories, are also easy to maintain.

Just check the product descriptions for specific care instructions to keep your chic decor looking great all season long!

Your backyard will thank you!

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