Behind the Blu Bottle: How Our Reusable Water Bottles Are Created

Behind the Blu Bottle: How Our Reusable Water Bottles Are Created

What's a Blu Bottle?

Our blu bottles are reusable water bottles that come in unique, vibrant prints and make a positive impact on the environment. With each blu bottle sold, we donate 20 cents to Ocean Conservancy, with a commitment to donate a minimum of $50,000 through 2018. Ocean Conservancy develops science-based solutions to protect our oceans, and we’re so honored to work with such an amazing organization.

Why Blu Bottles Are So Important

Globally, humans use over 1 million plastic bottles PER MINUTE, and a whopping 91% off all plastic is not recycled. Plus, plastic bottles take 400 years to decompose! Given these ever-increasing numbers and the harm that plastic pollution causes in our oceans and ecosystem, it’s become clear that we can no longer idly stand by. Even small, easy steps that we take at home can make a huge difference, such as reusing and re-filling our own reusable water bottles.

If you love color and beautiful patterns, you’ll love incorporating our stylish blu bottles into your daily life. They keep your beverages cold or hot for up to 12 hours, and they’re the perfect size for popping into your tote bag for trips to the gym, the yoga studio, the beach, a picnic, or any everyday adventure.

How Blu Bottles Are Made

Our blu bottles are more handmade than you’d think. We design them in our office/studio in California, and they go through a multi-step process of shaping, painting, and inspection before shipping to our retailers or to your doorstep. Check out our production process in the video below.

Each blu bottle begins as a long, stainless steel pole that we cut down to size and shape into our milk-bottle style. We then prime them, paint them, and carefully apply the decals which feature our prints. They have a BPA & phthalate free cap, with a silicone ring for easy opening, plus the top is big enough for most ice cubes.

You can feel confident that your blu bottle is created with expert care and attention, every step of the way. Blu bottles also make excellent gifts, and we always strive to make you high quality products at great prices.

Let's partner together to make a difference in our environment!