4 Cute Ways To Style a Button Down This Summer

4 Cute Ways To Style a Button Down This Summer

Deciding what to wear on a hot summer morning can be a daunting task -- knowing that you might melt into a sweaty, frizzled mess as soon as you step outside your house. Having a few styling tricks up your sleeve is always a good idea. One of our favorite tips is repurposing our wardrobe pieces. When you can creatively transform one favorite summer basic into many different outfits, you’ll never be stuck wondering what to wear when you need to stay cool in style.

Our light and breezy printed button downs are perfect for repurposing. Here are some cute and fresh outfit ideas that can make this comfy cotton shirt look new every time you put it on:

Layer it under a summer dress
Layering is not just for winter. As the heat sets in, we forget that layering is even an option, but you can still repurpose your light and airy pieces. Want to wear your button down but want to skip pants? Layer it under a slip dress or a strappy summer dress for a cute new look.

Wear it off the shoulders
This is perfect for women who juggle work with an active social life. A simple button down can be carried through the day and into the night with just one small tweak. Start off in the morning by wearing the shirt with a pair of jeans and kitten heels. Before you head out at night, undo two or three buttons on the top and let the shirt slide off your shoulders. Don’t forget to do a half tuck in the front.

Mix it up with other prints
Our button downs are great for experimenting when it comes to styling prints on prints. That is because the prints are simple and the colors not too loud, which helps get the right amount of contrast with another print without looking messy and wild. You can pair the shirts with polka dots, stripes and even plaid. If you are looking for an outfit that is a little more breezy, relaxed and has some movement, a wrap around skirt is a good way to.

Keep it classic
A button down, simple blue jeans and a pair of nude heels or flats (depending on your mood) is the perfect summer outfit option for any occasion. Simple, crisp and clean. You can add personal touches to the look by layering a few delicate necklaces or putting on some rings. If you want to go more bold, a pair of statement earrings can do the trick.

An often unsung hero, a button down is that summer wardrobe essential that can be styled in more ways than you might think. With this piece and these styling tips, putting together summer outfits can get so much easier. What other ways would you style your button down?