3 Chic and Unique Ways to Wear a Sarong

3 Chic and Unique Ways to Wear a Sarong

You might think that the best part of your beach wardrobe is your swimsuit, but think again! A sarong can make an everyday swimsuit even more fun and interesting. This colorful, lightweight and rectangular piece of fabric can be worn in so many different ways, which makes it an incredibly versatile and flattering option for any body type. If it’s easier for you to find the perfect swimsuit in a solid color rather than a print, a sarong can also provide an easy option for adding some fun, summery print.

Here are three chic and unique ways - a departure from the basic skirt style - to tie your sarong: 

  • Twisted halter style

Just a simple tweak to the regular halter style can give you a much more stylish and elegant look. 

  • Hold the sarong horizontally at the back of your body like you would a towel.
  • Bring both the ends to the front from under your arms.
  • Pull the ends to the opposite sides and tie a tight knot.
  • Now gather the ends, twist them until they look like twisted bread sticks and tie them at the nape of your neck.


  • Side slit dress

Turn your sarong into a cute side slit dress with these easy and simple steps:

  • Hold your sarong behind your back.
  • Bring the two ends from under your arms to the front and tie a double knot above your bust.
  • Gather edges of your scarf in the front at waist level and knot them.
  • To achieve a side slit look, twist the waist knot to either the left or right side.


  • One-shoulder cover up

Elevate your beach style with a classy one-shoulder cover up created from your sarong.

  • Hold your sarong vertically under one arm.
  • Bring the two upper corners of the sarong over your shoulder and tie a tight knot.
  • Bring in the middle edges of the sarong around your waist and tie a double knot on the side.

    The key to looking great in a light, airy sarong is knowing how to wear it. We hope these styling tips will inspire you to pack one for your next sunny vacation. Shop for sarongs on our online store. For more fun options, you can buy kimonos and coverups online and add some more flair to your beach fashion.