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Tennis Racket Navy Blu Bottle Water Bottle

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    Our Tennis Racket Navy Blu Bottle Water Bottle is the latest in our reusable water bottles and features blue and white tennis rackets and bright green tennis balls that pop off the dark blue background. Insulated, it will keep any beverage hot or cold for up to 12 hours and has a shape that is easy to grip. Most importantly, purchasing our reusable Blu Bottles helps keep plastics out of our oceans and we make a donation to Ocean Conservancy with every purchase. Let's partner together to make a difference in our environment! This insulated bottle makes a thoughtful gift.

    • Bottle made out of stainless steel, inside and out
    • Holds 15.2 oz. of your favorite hot or cold beverage
    • BPA & phthalate free cap, with silicone ring for easy opening
    • Hand wash, the top opening is large enough for most ice cubes
    • we donate 20 cents per bottle to Ocean Conservancy for every blu bottle sold, $37,500 donated to date, with a $50,000 minimum through 2018

    Ships within 1 business day from Columbus, OH.
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