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Echeveria ‘Purple Pearl’ Small 2" Succulent Plants (Sold in Sets of 6)


Pair it with the modern classic Purple Pearl Succulent which looks as good on your plant shelf as that little black dress does on you! The Purple Pearl Succulent is purple at the center and fades to gray and then green at the edges and is covered by a matte sheen of farina which makes this beauty glow. Purple Pearl Succulent's coloring makes it a beautiful stand-alone plant or a great complement to many other colors - it's extremely versatile! This perfect duo makes a great gift, but we won’t judge if you get one for yourself!

• Prefers bright direct light but protect from afternoon sun
• Handle leaves with care to prevent farina from rubbing off
• Rotate plant occasionally to prevent stem stretching
• Prefers good air circulation
• Rosette shape
• Easy to propagate
• Pet safe!