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Haworthia Small 2" Succulent Plants (Sold in Sets of 6)

Pair it with the structural, eye-catching Haworthia Succulent - renowned for its easy care and 24/7 good looks! The Haworthia Succulent is revered as one of the easiest plants you can grow and also for its recognizable spiky form (which isn't sharp!). Plants produce long, slender stems with a white inflorescence cheerily swaying above the leaves. There is a lot to love about the striking Haworthia Succulent and its tidy, compact shape should make it a perfect addition to your plant shelf. This irresistibly cute duo makes a great gift, but we won’t judge if you get one for yourself!

• Prefers bright indirect light and no direct sunlight; tolerates lower light conditions
• Vertical grower
• Easy to propagate
• Pet safe!