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Echeveria Runyonii Small 2" Succulent Plants (Sold in Sets of 6)

Pair it with the Echeveria Runyonii Succulent - quite possibly a perfect blue succulent. Discovered in a garden setting in Mexico and named for an amateur Texas botanist, Robert Runyon, the Echeveria Runyonii Succulent has a detailed, impeccably structured rose shape. The color cast is blue or slightly green depending on the light and colors surrounding it - a little chameleon transforming the space on your plant shelf. This irresistibly cute duo makes a great gift, but we won’t judge if you get one for yourself!

• Prefers bright direct light but protect from afternoon sun
• Handle leaves with care to prevent farina from rubbing off
• Rotate plant occasionally to prevent stem stretching
• Prefers good air circulation
• Vertical shape
• Easy to propagate
• Pet safe!