Halloween Costumes

  1. Chia Yellow Peasant Blouse + brown pants or skirt
  2. Wide brown belt or corset worn over your shirt
  3.  Luna Yellow Tassel Scarf around the head
  4. Pirate sword
  5. Tall brown boots
  6. Pirate accessories, like an eye patch, gold coins, and a Dots Gold Wine Gift Bag for the rum you found!
  1. Gold tinsel or white marabou halo
  2. Angel wings
  3. Ios White Kurta Tunic + white pants
  4. Devil horn headband
  5. Nora Berry Poet Shirt + black pants
  6. Devil’s pitchfork
  1. Charcoal Fringe Kimono
  2. Willa Charcoal Peasant Blouse + black pants or skirt
  3. Uma Black Tassel Scarf around the head
  4. Crystal ball & tarot cards
  5. Dangly gold necklaces, bracelets, and lots of rings
  1. Cowboy hat
  2. Horse Lacquer Art Tray for serving party snacks
  3. Cowboy boots
  1. Sailor hat - secure with bobby pins
  2. Paros Navy Silk Scarf - around the shoulders with the knot in the center + white shirt or sweater
  3. Sailboat Navy Carryall Tote - the perfect shoulder bag for your keys, wallet, and any extraneous costume or kid stuff while you're out trick-or-treating


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