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Are you ready to make a new home for your plant? Almost everything you need is right in this box! Just set the box in an area where you don’t mind getting a little dirty and with some access to water. First, unpackage the materials. Pour a little less than half of the soil into your pot and use your hands to make a hole in the middle where your plant will go. Carefully remove the plant from its container. You can squeeze the sides together and tip the plant down into your hand. If it is stuck, use a pencil or butter knife to loosen the edges of the plant. Take care not to disturb the roots too much, but gently tap off any excess soil and then place the plant in the pot. Use remaining soil to cover the roots and the base of the plant to just below the top of the pot. Water thoroughly but not excessively. Turn on the water to a low stream and let it run until water begins to come out of the drainage hole. As soon as it does, turn off the water. When there is no more moisture coming out of the drainage hole, place the plant in its saucer.

Part of what we all love about succulents is they're easy to care for - they are truly one of the most low maintenance plants! But that doesn't mean they don't need any care at all. There are a few things you can do to keep your succulents as happy as can be! And it will reward you with beautiful vibrant colors and, depending on the type of succulent, blooming flowers!

  1. Water ONLY when the soil is dry. Succulents grown inside need less water than those grown outside. Check the soil to see if there’s any moisture. If it’s moist, don’t water it and check it again in a few days. If it is dry, water until the water comes out of the drainage hole and then turn off the water immediately. Let the pot drain completely before replacing the saucer. Never leave water in the saucer. When it’s hot, you can water your plant every 1-2 weeks. During colder months the plant is dormant, so no need to water more than once a month.
  2. Succulents prefer 70°F - 80°F during the day, 50°F - 55°F during the night. In extremely hot temperatures, give your plant some shade!

We sure can! Succulents are hearty and can go long periods without water - they are related to the cactus after all! Plus we carefully package each plant in our custom shipping boxes designed to keep your succulent safe! Rest assured your succulent will arrive happy and healthy!

If you ordered succulents and pots as well as other items from our site, please keep in mind they will ship separately since we ship our succulents and pots from California, and the rest of our product from Ohio. You should have been sent a tracking number for each shipment. If that is not the case or if you only purchased succulents and pots and still received an incomplete order, please contact our customer service team by emailing

We process and ship out orders within two business days! Additionally, keep in mind that we ship our succulents and pots from California, so plan on about a 5 day transit time for orders sent to the East Coast, three days for central, and 1-2 days for the West Coast.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us by emailing! We love hearing from you and are happy to help. If there's any issue with your order, contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to make it right for you!