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Katarina Pink Silk Scarf


Our Katarina Pink Square Silk Scarf is a stunning statement piece in rich, vibrant colors. You get the classic luxury of silk plus a fresh, bold design. The tassels on each corner add the perfect amount of weight so that the scarf hangs nicely no matter how you style it. Katarina Pink features lively artwork of botanically-inspired leaf prints mixed with broad paint strokes for an almost water-color effect in delicious shades of pink, purple, and orange.

Styling tip: Fold square into a triangle. Place the middle of the triangle at the front of your neck and bring the ends behind your neck. Cross the ends, bring them back to the front, and either tie them together or let them hang freely.

- 100% silk
- tassel detail on all four corners
- beautiful, saturated colors
- 38 inches x 38 inches

Ships within 1 business day from Columbus, OH.