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Marrakesh Lavender Square Silk Neckerchief/Scarf

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    Beautiful tones of periwinkle and pink bring a fresh look to our Marrakesh Lavender Silk Scarf. We've taken our popular Butterfly Scarves and redesigned them into a new 36" x 36" size. The new square shape and size allow for different styling options, such as knotting it and wearing it as a headband, tying it around a hat band, or simply wearing it at the neck with a more diminutive look. Made of 100% silk tabby, this scarf is sheer and super light and can add a touch of color to any outfit, while keeping you cool. Why not brighten up the dull, drab and ordinary with this exotic, fresh accessory that will become a favorite? Don't miss the other sumptuous colors and patterns we offer in this newest scarf size. You will want several of these indispensable wardrobe enhancers!

    Ships within 1 business day from Columbus, OH.
    We've reinvented our popular Butterfly Scarves and created this new 36" x 36" square size. Our Marrakesh Lavender Silk Scarf is still made of 100% silk tabby, so it is sheer and super light. But with this new size, it opens up a whole new range of styling options. Try knotting it and wearing it as a head band, or tie it at the neck when wearing that off the shoulder top or dress. This wonderful scarf, with its soft pink and blues will be the perfect accessory to help wardrobe pieces realize their potential. Once your customers see all the beautifully engineered designs we offer in our new square silk scarves, they are bound to want several of them for themselves, and for others. Minimum 2.

    Ships within 2 business days from Columbus, OH.