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Echeveria 'Pink Frills' Large 4" Succulent Plants (Sold in Sets of 6)


Pair it with the intricate, richly-colored Pink Frills Succulent! Pink Frills Succulent receives its vibrant pink and purple hues from bright sunlight so choose a sunny window for best effect. The undulating edge of the leaves will capture your attention from across the room and the gently upturned curve of the rosette adds a subtle vertical effect for your planting. New plants will grow underneath the original rosette which can share the pot or you can remove them for additional pots! This irresistibly cute duo makes a great gift, but we won’t judge if you get one for yourself!

• Prefers bright direct light but protect from afternoon sun
• Leaf color is more vibrant with light
• Rotate plant occasionally to prevent stem stretching
• Prefers good air circulation
• Rosette shape
• Easy to propagate
• Pet safe!