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Marrakesh Orange Square Silk Neckerchief/Scarf

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    We've reinvented our popular Butterfly Scarves and created this new 36" x 36" square size. Our Marrakesh Orange Silk Scarf is still made of 100% silk tabby, so it is sheer and super light. But with this new size, it opens up a whole new range of styling options. Try knotting it and wearing it as a head band, or tie it at the neck when wearing that off the shoulder top or dress. This wonderful scarf, with its soft orange and pink will be the perfect accessory to help wardrobe pieces realize their potential. Once you see all the beautifully engineered designs we offer in our new square silk scarves, you are bound to want several of them for yourself, and for others.

    Ships within 1 business day from Columbus, OH.
    Exquisite patterns in orange and pink have found their way onto our Marrakesh Orange Silk Scarf that will transport everyone to exotic places! Reflecting the sights seen on our recent travels to Morocco, this essential accessory is ready to "turn up the fashion volume" on any wardrobe piece that is being worn. Whisper light and sheer, it is made of silk tabby that adds a cool layer of pretty color to enhance any outfit. Measuring 36" x 36" square, this new size can be worn in many ways, so let the imagination run wild. Knot it and wear it as a head band, tuck it in at the neckline or tie it around a favorite hat. Brighten up any look with this beautiful wardrobe accessory. It will be hard to choose only one of the many new scarves we offer in this new size. Minimum 2.

    Ships within 2 business days from Columbus, OH.
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