Your Cozy Autumn Retreat - Fall Home Decorating Trends for 2018

Your Cozy Autumn Retreat - Fall Home Decorating Trends for 2018

Now that summer is over and the temperature is cooling, you’re feeling the urge to nest and make your home cozy and comfortable before winter sets in. You’ll be spending more and more time indoors, so make sure you get to relax in your dream space at the end of the day.

We carefully researched upcoming trends in home décor before designing our Fall 18 home collection. We’ll help you find which trends inspire you and how to incorporate them into your own unique and relaxing autumn retreat.

Modern Neutrals

collage of neutral home decor with wood, deer, city maps

Inspired by nature and extremely calming, neutral home decor is all about mixing textures, textiles, and shapes. Think furniture with natural wood surfaces, neutral-toned rugs with blocks of tan and beige, cushy knit blankets made with chunky, oversized yarns, candles, pinecones, and other pieces of nature. This season, we channeled the Danish design concept of hygge, which is a mood of coziness, connection, and well-being.

Gold Accents

home decor collage with gold lacquer trays, coasters, and wine gift bags

Decorating with metallics, especially gold, is super trendy this season. We’ve even seen gold carpet! If you’re not quite ready to commit to wall-to-wall gold, we have some beautiful and tasteful home accessories with gold accents that will add warmth and a subtle dazzle to your favorite room.  Imagine a vignette on your mantel or book case with an art tray, like Winter Garden, paired with a gold vase filled with natural branches and a stack of favorite books. When you’re throwing a festive get together, try our paper placemats and cocktail napkins, like Gold Sunbursts. They play perfectly with bottles of champagne, white dinner sets, small white pumpkins, and golden candle holders.

Oversized Florals

lacquer serving trays with big, colorful flowers

We’re seeing a lot of gorgeous rooms with bold, floral murals and statement-making floral wallpaper.  This trend is for nature-lovers who thrive on color, intensity, drama, and liveliness. Oversized flowers can also have an Alice-in-Wonderland effect, making you feel smaller, protected and nestled into a beautiful garden.  If you want to start playing with big floral prints in your home decor, try one of our lacquer art trays, whether on top of your coffee table or on a bookshelf with some beautiful drinking glasses and a chic vase full of real blooms. Create a hard/soft contrast by pairing your florals with crystal pieces or metallics. We are strongly inspired by the beauty of nature, and you can always find gorgeous florals in our home accessories.


bird decor, lacquer serving trays, with white pelican and blue heron

Birds are a classic design theme, and we always make a point of keeping our bird decor fresh and modern. New for our bird-inspired home accessories this season are illustrations by beloved ornithologist and painter John J. Audobon. Louisiana Heron is bold and blue, especially suited for a coastal home with lots of ocean-inspired tones. White Pelican makes a striking statement in black, white, and yellow and is the perfect introduction to color if you’re used to a more neutral palette. You can also find White Pelican on our cork-backed coasters and cocktail napkins which will definitely wow your guests at get-togethers. Fall Finches falls right into place with your natural wood furniture, darker blue accent pieces, and leafy house plants.

Mixing Prints

colorful square serving trays, coasters, and water bottles

If you're all about self-expression and color, you’re going to love this fall’s trend of mixing bright prints together. Taking a beat from bohemian style with an eye toward folk-inspired, hand-crafted aesthetics, print mixing may seem dangerous and over the top, but this is almost what this trend is all about! Since we adore both color and prints, you can always find something eclectic to work with in our vibrant square trays and coasters. Display with a wooden bowl of jewelry on your dresser, with your favorite travel mementos on your coffee table, or propped up as an accent in your kitchen, at the ready for serving hot tea.

A few tips: 1) Try starting with 3 prints first. Odd numbers are best. 2) Vary the scale of your prints so they don’t compete with each other. 3) Be sure that one print shares a color or two with another print for cohesion.

Most of all, have fun and do what’s pleasing to your eye and makes you feel good in your own space.