Travel in Style with Our Newest Travel Accessories

Travel in Style with Our Newest Travel Accessories

We always keep two things in mind when designing new products: 1) style and 2) utility. When it comes to our travel accessories, we only give you the products that we are thrilled to use ourselves and can’t travel without.


Meet our freshly updated hanging toiletry bag and our new 3-zip pouches! They’re both made of the same lightweight and super strong material as our bestselling blu bags, which makes them ideal for travel. Best of all? They match our travel cubes for a whole set that looks great while keeping you organized!

Hanging Toiletry Bags Save You Time and Space

Our hanging toiletry bag zips up into a compact shape for your suitcase, and when you arrive at your destination, all you have to do is unzip it and hang it in the bathroom to use throughout your trip.

Counter space is often scarce when you’re not staying at home, so keeping your toiletries off the countertop is game-changing. Your vacation should feel relaxing and peaceful - not cluttered by a scattered pile of skincare and haircare. And the bonus is that our hanging toiletry bags come in a variety of prints and colors to brighten any vacation!

Our 3-Zip Pouch Can Do It All

You won’t know how you lived without our blu 3-zip pouches. Whether you’re spending a week in Paris or an afternoon at the park, the 3-zip pouch makes all your necessities accessible. No more fishing around your purse for your passport or your phone charger.

We’ve used them for travel documents, gadget cables, makeup, and jewelry. You could probably think of a million more uses, so you’ll definitely need more than one pouch!

What prints would you love to see on our travel sets in the future? Don't forget that we have the best lightweight packing cubes!